The Studio

place12th Avenue Recording Studio is a full service recording and rehearsal studio located close to Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The studio itself hosts a collection of vintage and modern recording gear. From original Reel to Reel recorders to the very latest in cutting edge digital recording hardware; we’re prepared for any style of recording. In short, we have everything you’ll ever need to produce world class recordings. Or, if you’re just looking for a place to rehearse; call and schedule a rehearsal to work on your chops. Full PA, drums and an assortment of amplifiers are available for any rehearsal. Whether you have a vision or a just a creative whim, we hope you’ll feel comfortable and supported whenever you’re here. The house uses API, Neve, Universal Audio, Millennia & TL Audio (HHB) Mic Pres; Tube-Tech Mastering Compressors, Apogee Converters; Lexicon Reverb, etc. Microphones: Neumann U87(a timeless classic and industry standard), an AKG 414 buls-c, Cascade Phat Heads (Matched pair), as well as several Seinheiser 421s, Oktavas, Shures, and a Rode NTK to name a few. For booking and information call 954-263-0600


We offer a host of studio services:





Consulting & Planning

Rehearsal Space

Recorded Rehearsals

Convert Tape or Vinyl Recordings into CDs or MP3s

Call: 954-263-0600 to schedule an appointment


City:          Coconut Creek, FL 33066

Call:           954-263-0600

Email        jonathan@12thavenuerecording.com

*Call or email first to Schedule an Appointment

Special Offers

At 12th Avenue Recording we offer discounted services to those who either, rescue animals or dine at exclusively vegetarian restaurants.  We also hope to support local affiliated business and individuals who’s work should receive more notoriety.   1 hour of free recording time will be added to any purchased session for anyone who has adopted a pet from the humane society or any rescue shelter. 50% off 1 hour of recording time for anyone who brings in a receipt from any local totally vegetarian restaurant.  (If you haven’t made it to Sublime, Green Wave or Woodlands Restaurant … now you have a reason to go!) Find Michel Derita for your next hair cut (One of South Florida’s elite hair stylists located in Coral Springs) and get 50% of the price of 1 hour of recording.  Call Michel today at 954-755-6265  

The Engineer and Producer

Jonathan Greetings, My name is Jonathan Jaffee. I’m the owner, the Chief Engineer and Producer here at 12th Avenue Recording.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and for exploring the many services that we offer.   I’ve been passionate about music ever since I can remember.  But, I decided to immerse myself in the business of music with my move to South Florida from New Orleans in 1996.  I grew up between New York and New Orleans and as you can imagine both regions had a massive impact on my perception of Music, Art and their respective communities. I’ve set up 4 recording studios here, in Southern Florida, over the years. And, my newest studio, 12th Avenue, is the most personal and comfortable studio, to date. The majority of services I personally oversee tend to go beyond producing and engineering.  In my experience, producing a recording or writing music, is the ultimate in personal expression. So beyond recording, editing, mixing, mastering and voice over work, I find myself consulting artists.  Consultations concerning the direction of an artist’s or group’s work and pre-production is an essential and often overlooked aspect of the planning process. I’ve had the honor of working with a variety talented artists over the years; from smaller local personal projects to national acts and television shows, including The Postmarks (Warner Bros) and Animal Planet Television Programming. If I had to leave you with a lasting message it would be this: I have a passion for recording; forging a new and artistic legacy within the world’s music community being the ultimate goal.  If you share this passion with me, I’d love to hear from you.  It is my greatest hope that together we can explore and realize your dreams.
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